The homepage experience After landing on the homepage at Nhentai, you’ll be presented with a list of the latest updates which seem to come in roughly once a day. I don’t like to start with negatives too early on in reviews, but I’m a little disappointed about the fact that Nhentai doesn’t have a list of top rated videos. They’ve actually got a ‘most viewed’ section, but this is by no means a reflection of the more popular releases. One saving grace is the fact that Nhentai has a genres area, which allows you to pick exactly what you’re looking for in terms of niche.

What types of genres are there, you ask? Well I’m actually quite surprised because they’ve got hundreds! From blackmail and BDSM through to nurses, pegging and swimsuits: whatever you like, chances are that the folks over on Nhentai have something that you’ll be interested in. One thing you might miss but you certainly shouldn’t is that on the genres page, you can click ‘sort by popularity’ at the top to see the most desired types of material. It’s the little things that can make free hentai tube websites really good, so I’ve got to give Nhentai credit here: they sure know what’s what when it comes to giving people the niches they want.

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